These are gigantic magical entities bound in a marble-like "Shard" summoned by Shard Casters to assist in battle. Spirits are powerful creatures with a will of their own. Shard Casters must have an appropriate inner strength to command these Spirits, otherwise the caster will inevitably be dominated by it; as demonstrated by Mickey who was almost possessed by Slugna.

List of known Spirits Edit

Key Spirits Edit

Spirit Name Description Shard Caster
Amir Gaul He is the guardian deity of Templar. Amir Gaul is the most powerful key spirit. He is a turquoise humanoid whose power mainly revolves around the element of wind. He can summon two feathered wings as swords. Amir Gaul is very selective of its master and rejects anyone who tries to steal it from the one he has chosen. Sarah(Formerly) Dumas(Temporarily)



Dynamis Dynamis is the key spirit of Tusk. Its Spirit Shard came along with the birth of Mirred. He takes the form of a pale slender old man with six arms and takes the stance that of a Hindu God. Its palms have circular holes which can create fire. Mirred(Formerly) Noah(Formerly)
Monadi The guardian spirit sealed underneath the Great Stupa in the Capital of Neotopia. Monadi is a blue giant with sharp and pointed features. It can use parts of its body as weapons such as a boomerang or a bow. Any of its eight eyes can fire an orange laser. Sara(Temporarily) Xeem(Temporarily)



Pronimo Pronimo was the God of the Kulb-Fu. She is a reddish humanoid with a featureless face aside from the blue patch on the right side that takes nearly half of it. Due to the Zymotan invation of Kulb-Fu, it was agreed upon Zymot and Kulb-Fu that Pronimo be split in two. Each half in the possession of the two factions. Her limbs can stretch to perform long ranged attacks and the blue patch on her face can project a powerful laser beam. Bakkam(Formerly) Rebecca(Temporarily)





Sachura It is the guardian deity of Rion. Sachura is a black giant with a dark gray mask and pointed limbs. He has the ability to project energy projectiles and beams. Mirred(Temporarily) Noah(Formerly)
Shadin The key spirit of the Seekers. Shadin is a golden giant with his face on his chest. It fights with its large horn where its head should be. He can summon blue flames. Sagiri(Formerly) Xeem(Temporarily)




Tusker The God of Tusk. It is the ultimate spirit which results from the union of the six key spirits. Mirred(Formerly)



Named Spirits Edit

Spirit Name Description Shard Caster
Apcarel Roya's Spirit takes the form of a blue skinned siren with two tails. Apcarel mainly uses her fish-harp for long ranged attacks and her jellyfish-skirt for defence. She has the ability to float in air. Roya
Ariel A lightning type spirit. Rebecca is able to remotely control Ariel even from far distances. Princess Rebecca
Armadole It is a large and round Aztec themed armadillo spirit. Armadole is very clumsy and unreliable for a spirit. Mickey
Armath It is a large diamond shaped spirit capable of lightning attacks. It possesses Ulvarx's Anti-Spirit System. Helic
Belladonna A mushroom-like ballerina spirit with sharp pointed limbs. Belladonna's attacks compose of leaping, spinning, and stabbing enemies. Robès Redondo
Buvaris It is a slender centaur-like creature. Buvaris can summon a needle-like sword. Kira
Creeper A reptilian spirit similar to a snake with arms. It can bind enemies with its tongue. Unnamed Tuskan Solider
Curias A silver armored centaur spirit with a jousting lance and shield. It can cause an explosion in its line of sight Unnamed Neotopian Soldiers
Doom Blitz It is a cloud ball-like lightning spirit with multiple mouths. Dukeham
Ex Machina A composite of multiple spirit shards that have been artificially fused together. It is a spirits that is supposed to transcend all other spirits. This spirit was created in Ulvarx by Doctor Vendar. Ex Machina is a tall hideous monstrosity having a metallic face with multiple eyes. It has several tentacles with spikes on the end and sets of continuous tracks instead of feet. Helic(Temporarily)
Funam Funam is a humanoid spirit with tentacles in place of its arms. Diana
Gaiser Gaiser is a spirit taking the form of an aquatic creature. It has several frills on its body. This spirit can create gusts of wind and glide in air. Gitra
Garyu It is a dragonic humanoid spirit which has two extra limbs that end with a spike. Garyu wields a sword. Xeem
Gegli An armored frog spirit. Its extending tongue has a mouth which it uses to attack enemies. Kleinel
Geranos An insectoid water spirit. It possesses Ulvarx's Anti-Spirit System. Moreno
Goliath Goliath is a mechanical humanoid spirit having circular saws instead of hands and no legs. It can shoot two laser beams from its chest and possesses Ulvarx's Anti-Spirit System. Ginga
Guardian Guardian is a stone giant soldier spirit. It wields a large stone sword that can cause earth fissures. Sebastian
Kaon A fire dog spirit which is able to breathe fire and detach its head from its body. Its head can reform if destroyed. Unnamed Tuskan
Keritex A two-headed blue serpent spirit. Keritex can breathe fire. Moreno
Marakia Marakia is a peculiar spirit that takes the form of four balls connected by slim tendons. It has a stinger and a tail which is uses to lash out on foes. It also has the ability to guard with ice and produce a poison cloud. Nudyu
Morpheus A skeletal centaur spirit with blue horns and blue spikes in place of its hands. It can shoot lasers from its eyes. Chavez
Panopria (Tusk) A red and muscular humanoid lizard spirit. Unnamed Tuskan Soldier
Panopria (Ulvarx) A blue and muscular humanoid lizard spirit. Moreno
Petelios A winged reptilian horse spirit. It's scales can cause temporary blindness Alec
Fyron A powerful fire dragon spirit that has four arms. Master Zico
Rambos It is Zed's second spirit which takes the form of a fire humanoid bird. Rambos can breathe and create fire which he uses along with physical combat. Zed
Rashmantis It is a spirit having a lower body of an insect and a humanoid torso. Rashmantis has blades on its back while it wields two swords with its arms. Unnamed Tuskan Soldier
Slugna Slugna is a armored humanoid beetle. Dumas(Formerly)


Zakua A winged demonic spirit. Zakuha has three spikes penetrating him; one through his skull face's eye hole and two on his chest. He can extend these spikes to attack. There is a large eye on his abdomen which can shoot lasers. Elmeida

Other Notable Spirits Edit

Spirit Identification Description
The Yellow Shard of Fortune It is a small and cute spirit that has the ability to bless its user with "fortune". The creature does this by transforming into its uglier form and showering the user with golden particles. The truth behind this spirit, however, is that it brings misfortune to anyone it blesses.

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